Talking with Children about School Shootings

These are tough and scary times for both parents and children. We do the best we can with the tools we have. So take these tips, love on your babies, and do all that you can to ensure that a solution is found to the rampant gun violence our …

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Why Should My Child Learn to Color Inside the Lines

(9 days ago) The best technique I’ve found for this is to surf Pinterest with Bear at my side. He usually finds something that he likes and wants to recreate. Bear {5} loves our learning activities. But he rejoices in doing worksheets because it makes him feel more like Pip, his 17 yr old sister. So when he wants to do workbooks, I get them out and we

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Peanut/Nut Allergies in the Classroom: 6 Things Every Parent …

(9 days ago) If there is a nut-allergy kiddo in the classroom, then refrain from bringing items that are labeled as: “May Contain Peanut or Tree Nuts”. “Processed on shared equipment with Peanuts or Tree Nuts”. “Contains Peanut or Tree Nut Ingredients”. “Manufactured in a plant with Peanut or Tree Nuts”. You can find treats that are safe to

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Word Searches – Do Play Learn

(7 days ago) It’s summertime! Time to go swimming, have barbecues, and go on vacation. But how to keep the kids busy in between all the running around? I know that there are schools of thought on both sides of the worksheet debate. But I tend to not count word searches as worksheets. Maybe it’s because of all those …

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21 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

(Just Now) Years ago, while teaching preschool in a classroom setting, I was introduced to Laurie Berkner’s music. It was love at first song, lol. Aside from the fact that Laurie’s songs make great foundations for learning activities, they also speak the language of children, which is why I love them so much. Laurie and her band have just released another amazing album, entitled …

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How to Know if Your Teen is Ready to Drive

(1 days ago) Wear your seatbelt. Don’t mess with your phone while the car is in drive. Follow the speed limit. Stay two car lengths behind bikers. There are so many rules, both written and unwritten that drivers should follow. Make sure that your teen is fully cognizant of your expectations for them. Some families even opt to create teen driving contracts.

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Printables Archives

(1 days ago) Bear is at that age (7.5 yrs) where he is into collecting things. And by “collecting”, I mean that I’m constantly struggling to keep his dresser and shelves free from piles of acorns, leaves and sticks shaped like random objects, bottlecaps, and anything else you can imagine.

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Is Pokemon Okay for Christians

(5 days ago) More information here. Recently a reader posed the question on whether or not it’s okay for Christians to play Pokémon. Now, before she asked, I had never given either of my children’s interest in Pokémon a second thought in regards to how it connected to our faith. My immediate response is, of course. Pokémon is fine for Christians to play.

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Food Allergy Awareness Week: On Discovering a Nut Allergy

(5 days ago) Andie Jaye is a former preschool teacher turned stay-at-home mom of 3 kiddos. Her blog, Do.Play.Learn., (formerly named Crayon Freckles), focuses on creative learning and play ideas, as well as parenting topics. Andie strives to be honest in her approach and experiences in parenting to let other moms know that they are not alone in their struggle.

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